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About Us

Dragonfly by JClaire sells upscale, branded jeans, inspirationally designed t-shirts and other products  made for women that appreciate clothing that caters to their creativity and individuality. A woman that is confident, creative, and likes to be cool and comfortable. Our jeans have simplistic stitching and flattering design with innovative material for comfort and fit.  They serve as the canvas for the customizable, hand painted “wearable art” that JClaire designs.  When you feel good you look good!

JClaire’s nurturing and soulful nature is the driving force behind her desire to serve as an inspiration to others by offering life-affirming messages on creatively designed apparel.  And, her vision includes a strong desire to give back to society by connecting worthy causes to each product sold.

Indulge in you and enhance your wardrobe with expressive style.  Be the “STAND OUT”!

We offer free ground shipping.  Other shipping is available as well.


“The high road to Service is traveled with integrity, compassion and understanding…People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care”