About the Artist


Joan Claire, an artist who has long aspired to be an innovator, motivator and a positive inspiration, is the founder, artist and Chief Creative Director of JClaire, LLC.  She became a certified decorative painter in 2000 continuing her family’s artistic legacy.  Joan’s late father, Bernard Smith, was a loving father and a talented artist who instilled in Joan, at a very early age, the spiritual benefit that comes from helping those in need.  In fact, the company creed – Create, Inspire, Give Back – was developed from the lessons learned from this spirited man.

While supporting her family as a decorative painter, clients, friends and aquaintances would frequently offer to buy the clothes Joan wore while she painted.  They seemed to love the organic designs that naturally evolved from the paint spatters that would inadvertently land on her jeans, shirt and belt.  It wasn’t uncommon for Joan to be stopped by complete strangers on the street who would ask to buy her work jeans.

These frequent encounters lead to a “light bulb” moment, to use denim jeans as the canvas on which she would express her artistic vision.  However, her vision remained muted for several years until finally in the fall of 2012 Joan’s daughter, Danielle, wrote a letter to the Ellen DeGeneres Show that lead to a phone call from one of the show’s producers.  This exchange was the inspiration that started JClaire, LLC and the launch of the Dragonfly by JClaire women’s line.

Chicago-based JClaire, LLC is a privately-owned company that is committed to selling only the highest-quality jeans and other apparel products.  Our jeans are designed for the ultimate fit and comfort and are made in the USA.   They’re constructed from the best denim available and the best finishing details.  They truly are the “canvas” for the custom wearable art that JClaire creates.