Why the name “Dragonfly?”

As Joan tells it, she chose the Dragonfly name because dragonflies chose her!

Here’s her story:

One very breezy and warm summer morning I was lying on a deck by a lake when a dragonfly landed on my leg. It stayed there by itself for many minutes, holding on very intently, swaying in the wind. I watched its beautiful blue wings sway and couldn’t believe it was not flying off with each strong gust that seemed so intent on pushing it into flight. Because of its large size I was a little nervous, but I knew this celestial like being didn’t sting or bite and I felt like I was being given a gift, a hug or a “love pat” from heaven. Nature had always been signs of God and Angels to me!

Well, as wonderful as it was having this bright royal blue winged insect attach to me, something really amazing happened…another dragonfly landed on the first one and they started mating. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and luckily there was an elderly woman sitting on the deck next to me as my witness. She said she had never seen anything like it! A few minutes passed, and a third, dragonfly landed on my leg next to the amorous couple, swaying and holding on with great strength. I was completely giddy with excitement and wonderment as I watched six pairs of dragonfly wings flap in unison! Moments later a fourth one landed and started the mating ritual with the third dragonfly, which completed this lovely vision and truly made it a double date!!!


To me dragonflies symbolize change. My experience with my little friends got me thinking that I needed to change something in my life. I knew at that moment that I needed to walk through my fears and approach a path of creativity that would manifest joy, not just in me but within others as well. I needed to find a way to be independent and inspire people because I knew then and know now that is my passion. Nurturing and helping people has always made me happy, which is why having five kids has been the biggest blessing in my life. I have had many struggles, but what always has kept me going was being grateful for the things that I have and being especially grateful for the people in my life.

Dragonflies inspired me to create and to travel down roads of exploration. It is said that dragonflies carry fairies within the celestial world, which is a very child like way of thinking. But as adults sometimes we need to embrace our innocence and remember the joy we felt in our hearts as children. And every now and then we need to feel wonderment, love and pure joy! Dragonflies to me signify a remembrance of child-like innocence. And they have shown me how to: